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Outboard Repair Manuals
Seloc & Clymer Marine

Seloc Marine

Seloc has been the leading source of how-to information for the marine industry since 1974. Designed and written to serve the needs of the professional mechanic, do-it-yourself boat enthusiast, Technical School Instructor and student, our manuals and electronic subscription products are based on actual teardowns performed by our editors.

Seloc offers a full line of printed manuals with complete coverage on everything from basic to complete engine or drive overhaul; featuring simple-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated procedures, hundreds of exploded views, photographs, tables, wiring diagrams, specifications, and user friendly indexes. Many of our newer manuals contain a skill level rating for each procedure which also include special tool icons

Seloc Online, an internet based subscription product, is the most comprehensive online tool available for do-it-yourself repairs! Our database of mechanical repairs offers complete service procedures, wiring diagrams, schedules, specifications, parts database, dealer locator, and more.

Our professional version, Seloc Pro is the most comprehensive database tool available to marine technicians! Unlimited access to our database of mechanical repair, including mechanical labor times, service procedures, wiring diagrams, parts, specifications, and an estimating module with parts and pricing.

Clymer Marine

With over 70 titles, covering inboard, outboard, stern drive and diesel engines, Clymer Marine and PWC manuals remain the #1 source for DIY maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Each Clymer Marine and PWC title features:

Step-by-step instructions with photos and illustrations
Specification tables and charts
Extensive use of exploded parts views
Wiring diagrams
Quick reference data on specially-marked pages

In addition, Clymer Pro Series Marine manuals provides coverage for many product manufacturers where there is no longer any source of technical information.

These manuals feature condensed service data and specifications covering multiple manufacturers and models. They have long been the trusted source for professionals and experienced mechanics.

KEYWORDS: Mechanic s tips painting and refinishing Corrosion Fastener materials TROUBLESHOOTING Electrical components Preliminary inspection Starting difficulty Electric starting Fuel Ignition Charging Power head Cooling Gearcase Trim tilt Electronic fuel injection EFI Specifications LUBRICATION, AND TUNE-UP Routine Fuel requirements Lubricants Power head maintenance Gearcase Midsection Tune up Storage preparation Submersion Corrosion prevention Oil change Air filter Lube Valve clearance adjustment measurement Timing Specifications LAY-UP, COOLING SERVICE SYNCHRONIZATION AND ADJUSTMENTS Engine timing Synchronizing equipment Mariner 2 Mariner 3.5 Mariner 4 and water-cooled 5 Mariner 5 air-cooled Mariner 8A and 8B Mariner 8 hp 1985-1987 Mariner 9.9 and 15 magneto ignition Mariner 9.9 and 15 CDI except 1987-on 9.9 and 1989 15 Mariner 8 1988-on, 9.9 1987-on and 15 1989 Mariner 20, 25 and W25 magneto ignition Mariner 20, 25, W25, 30 and W30 CDI except 1985-on 20 Mariner 20 and 25 hp 1985-on with WMC carburetor Mariner 28 Mariner 40A, 40B and W40 magneto ignition Mariner 40B and W40 CDI, single carburetor Mariner 40B and W40 CDI, dual carburetors Mariner 48 CDI Mariner 45 hp 1986-on and 50 hp through 1985 with alternator-driven CDI Mariner 60 hp with CDI 1976-1983 Mariner 70 hp, 1984-on 60 hp and 1986-on 40 hp with alternator-driven CDI 1987-on Mariner 75 and 90 Mariner 90, 115 and 140 hp with distributor CDI Mariner 1988-on 100 and 1989 115 with flywheel CD ignition Mariner V135, V150, V150 Magnum, V150 Magnum II, V175 serial no. 6618751 and above and V200 serial no. 6655032 and below hp Mariner V200 serial no. 6655033 and above Mercury 3.5 and 3.6 hp Mercury 40 and 2-cylinder 4 hp with Thunderbolt breakerless ignition Mercury 45, 4.5 and 4 1986-1987 Merc model 40, 75, and 110 with Phase-maker ignition Merc 4 and 5 hp 1988-on Merc model 75 and 7.5 hp through serial No. 5226934; Merc model 110 and 9.8 hp through serial No. 5206549 Mercury 7.5 hp above serial No. 5226934; Mercury 9.8 hp above serial No. 5206549 Mercury 6, 8, 9.9 and 15 hp Mercury 18 and 25 hp 1979-1984 Mercury 18, 20 and 25 hp with WMC carburetor Mercury 200 with Phase-maker ignition Merc model 200 and 20 hp with Thunderbolt breakerless ignition Merc model 402, 35 and 40 hp 2.5 and 3.3 hp models 4 and 5 hp models 6, 8, 9.9 and 15 hp models 20-25 hp and 20 Jet models 30 and 40 hp 50-60 hp and 45 Jet models Johnson Evinrude 2 hp, Colt and Junior breaker point ignition 1973-1978 Johnson Evinrude 4 breaker point ignition Johnson Evinrude 2.5, 3 hp, 4 Standard, Excel 4, Ultra 4, 4 Deluxe, 4.5 and 7.5 CD 2 and CD2UL ignition 1976-1977 Johnson Evinrude 6 1978-1985 Johnson Evinrude 5, 6, and 9 CD 2 ignition 1986-1990 Johnson Evinrude 6 and 8 CD 2 and CD2UL ignition Johnson Evinrude 9.5 breaker point ignition Johnson Evinrude 9.9 and 15 breaker point ignition Johnson Evinrude 9.9 and 15 CD 2 and CD2UL ignition Johnson Evinrude 18, 20 and 25 breaker point ignition Johnson Evinrude 20, 25, 28 and 30 CD 2 and CD2UL ignition Johnson Evinrude 35 all ignitions Johnson Evinrude 40 breaker point ignition 1985-1988 Johnson Evinrude 40 hp tiller models CD 2 models 1985-1988 Johnson Evinrude 40 hp remote control models CD 2 ignition 1989-1990 Johson Evinrude 40 hp modles CD2UL ignition Pilot screw adjustment Linkage, throttle position sensor, carburetor synchronization and idle speed adjustments Ignition timing check Throttle cable adjustment Shift cable adjustment Valve adjustment Trim tab adjustment Trim position sender adjustment Dashpot Yamaha 2 3 4 56 89.9 1525 30 40 50 7090115 130150 175 200 220 225 Specifications Engine serial numbers Special tools Replacement parts Engine removal Engine installation Disassembly Rocker arm cover Intake exhaust manifolds Front cover and seal Rocker arm assemblies Camshaft Oil pan Oil pump Cylinder head Valves seats Piston connecting rod Crankshaft Flywheel Cylinder block Core plugs ELECTRICAL AND IGNITION Battery Starting Charging Ignition Warning components Phelon magneto braker point ignition Kiekhaefer 4-cylinder Kiekhaefer 6-cylinder Thunderbolt breakerless battery ignition Lighting energizer breakerless ignition Thunderbolt Phase-maker CD ignition Thunderbolt CD breakerless ignition Lightning energizer ignition Optimax ESA module switches OIS2000 ignition CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4 CD6 CD8 CD 1 2 3 4 6 8 CD2USL ignition Delco HEI Delco EST Prestolite integral BID ignition DT 2 7.5 8 15 20 80 140 225 Yamaha microcomputer ignition YMIS FUEL Fuel tank hose filter Primer bulb Mechanical fuel pump Silencer cover Intake manifold Dashpot Electrothermal valve Carburetor Throttle body Vapor separator tank Secondary vapor separator tank Low-pressure electric fuel pump Fuel pump relay Fuel pump driver Fuel cooler Fuel pressure regulator Fuel rail and injectors Idle air control motor Air temperature sensor Air pressure sensor Throttle position sensor 2-48 hp carburetors Throttle plunger carburetor Mariner 2A 2B Mikuni BV 18-14 carburetor Mariner 3.5 hp Throttle plunger carburetor Mariner 15A, 15B, W15 Downdraft carburetor Mariner 8 8A Integral fuel pump carburetor Center bowl carburetor Mariner 40 hp 48 hp Integral fuel pump carburetor with primer Model 100 and model 115 Concept 2 + 2 Dual-float center bowl carburetor Side bowl and back drag carburetor WME carburetor Electronic fuel injection EFI Enrichener valve and choke solenoid systems Anti-siphon devices Water-separating fuel filter Fuel tank Fuel line and primer bulb Throttle plunger carburetor Integral fuel pump carburetor Integral fuel pump carburetor with primer 8-25 hp models WMA carburetor MerCarb center bowl carburetor WME carburetor WMH carburetor MerCarb center bowl carburetor Thermal air valve Enrichment valve and choke solenoid systems Anti-siphon devices Merc model 39, 40, 60, 75 and 110 1970 Merc model 40, 75 and 110 with Thunderbolt ignition Merc model 110 with Phase-maker ignition Merc model 200 with Thunderbolt ignition Phase-maker ignition Merc model 350 Merc model 400 Merc model 500 Merc model 650 with lighting energizer ignition Merc model 650 Merc model 650 800 850 with Thunderbolt breakerless ignition Merc model 950 and 1100 Standard ignition Merc model 950SS 1100SS Thunderbolt breaker point ignition Merc model 500SS 650SS 950SS 1100SS 1967 Thunderbolt breakerless ignition Merc model 1000SS 1250SS Thunderbolt breakerless ignition Merc model 1150 1350 Integral fuel pump carburetor Integral fuel pump carburetor Centerbowl carburetor Sidebowl carburetor 3.5 and 3.6 hp carburetor Integral fuel pump carburetor with primer Integral fuel pump carburetor Sight bowl fuel filter WMC series carburetor TR and SV carburetor Minlon carburetors FICHT FUEL INJECTION FFI Governor Specifications. Gasoline Fuel injection components operation Depressurizing the fuel diagnosis Troubleshooting Fuel injection pump Vapor separator tank and fuel injection pump Fuel lift pump Fuel injection pump relay relay Fuel pressure regulator Throttle position TP sensor Manifold absolute pressure MAP sensor Fuel injectors and fuel metering body Throttle body Idle air control IAC valve Engine coolant temperature ECT sensor Engine control module ECM Antisiphon devices MULTIPORT FUEL INJECTION MPI Fuel injection operation Depressurizing the fuel Throttle body Plenium Fuel injectors and fuel rails Electric fuel pump vapor separator tank Fuel lift pump Fuel pressure regulator Fuel injection pump relay relay Throttle position TP sensor Manifold absolute pressure MAP sensor Idle air control IAC valve Engine coolant temperature ECT sensor engine control module ECM Intake air temperature IAT sensor Antisiphon Fuel lines OIL INJECTION AutoBlend II Constant-ratio oil injection Injection Variable-ratio oil injection Warning horn Accumix R oil injection VRO2 OMC Economixer Maintaining wood OUTBOARD MOTORS Shop manual Four-stroke fundamentals Two-stroke fundamentals care fuel selection engine oil selection 4-strokes engine oil selection 2-strokes Premixing fuel 2-strokes Consistent premixing Oil injection 2-strokes lubricants Engine flushing Shear pin replacement Lubrication Anticorrosion Tune-up Troubleshooting Propellers immersion Lay-up storage Recommissioning MERC THRUSTER ELECTRIC OUTBOARDS Periodic Battery Propeller Electrical troubleshooting component testing rotary switch Lower unit Control housing. Shop manual Basic engine Fuel requirements gasoline engine oil selection Pre-operational checks Starting check list Gasoline engine tune-up Compression test Ingition Carburetor gasoline Diesel engine tune-up Cooling flushing Winter lstorage POWER HEAD Flywheel cover Timing belt tensioner Crankshaft pulley Valve cover Camshaft, timing chain and camshaft pulley Cylinder head removal installation Water pressure relief valve Thermostat Exhaust water jacket cover Cylinder head Power head Oil pump Crankshaft pulley Power head Cylinder block components Bearing selection Engine break-in procedures Specifications MIDSECTION Lower motor mount Tilt tube Clamp bracket Tilt lock lever Oil pump Upper motor mount Swivel tube Swivel housing Power head adapter Exhaust silencer Exhaust tube Oil pressure relief valve Oil pan oil pickup tube Drive shaft housing Specifications MANUAL STARTER Removal, disassembly, assembly and installation POWER TRIM AND TILT Fluid filling Air bleeding Midsection One-ram integral Three-ram power trim Tilt HYDRAULIC TRIM REMOTE CONTROL Cable removal and installation Remote control Repairing and splicing wiring Making a wiring diagram Power plant lay-up Battery lay-up Fuel pump relay Electronic fuel injection EFI relay Oil pressure sender Oil pressure switch Coolant temperature sender Coolant temperature sensor Engine overheat switch Manifold air pressure sensor Intake air temperature IAT sensor Throttle position sensor TPS Idle air control motor IAC Idle speed control solenoid ISC Knock sensor KS Knock sensor module Knock sensor amplifier Engine control unit ECU Engine control assembly ECA MARINE ELECTRONICS Typical radio installation Other receiving equipment electronic equipment Preventive Soldering Repairing splicing wire Replacing a transmission line Coaxial cable connectors Emergency antenna VHF multimeter Engine instruments Navigational instruments FRESH water Pressurized Water tanks Sanitizing Purifying potable Automatic pumps Par Jabsco faucets heater Troubleshooting Lay-up HEADS Toilets portables Thetford Electra Magic Thetford Aqua-Magic Galaxy, Starlite Thetford Aqua-Magic IV Monogram Handiheaad II Monogram Monomatic II Sealand Mansfield vacu-flush 911-912-M28 Raritan crown head Raritan compact, PH, PHE< PHII and PHEII Ball-head Holding tanks Waste treatment systems Recirculating ELECTRIC MOTORS Lubrication Battery Propeller 12 volt bow mount transom mount transom mount 12 24 volt vow mount hand control SEA DRIVES Selectrim 1.6 CORROSION PROTECTION SYSTEMS Corrosion Sacrificial anodes Continuity devices Galvanic isolator MerCathode Corrosion protection FORK AND MOUNTING COLLAR Intermediate housing and steering fork Mounting collar transom shield TRAILERS AND TOWING Trailer weight Hitches Sway controls Lighting Trailer inspection Trailer frame Tires and wheels Wheel bearings Bearing protectors Trailer brakes Electric brakes Hydraulic brakes Tow vehicle COLOR WIRING DIAGRAMS schematics SPECIFICATIONS torque Clymer

repair manual outboard Seloc Clymer

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