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Authentic General Motors and AC-Delco hardware & software.  Coverage from model year 1992 to current, includes Hummer, gives you the same diagnostic capabilities as the Dealership.  Additional coverage also available for SAAB, Suzuki, and lsuzu. Requires additional 32MB card(s).  Re-Flashing of Control Modules requires an AC-Delco "Service Programming Subscription" which provides vehicle specific calibration download files.

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GM Tech 2 Flash CANdi Aftermarket Interface Module (SKU: 169900012935E)GM Tech 2 Flash CANdi Aftermarket Interface Module (SKU: 169900012935E)Allows for Re-Flash of GM CAN Compliant vehicles.
GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) (SKU: OTC3845)GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) (SKU: OTC3845)The MDI interface cable is used for Flashing GM ECU's using a stand-alone PC.
Keyspan USB High Speed Serial Adapter (SKU: USA-19HS)Keyspan USB High Speed Serial Adapter (SKU: USA-19HS)Tripp Lite USB High Speed Serial Adapter

The GM Tech-2 Pro Optima Factory OEM Scan Tool Tester from OTC / SPX / Bosch is capable of Reprogramming, Diagnosing & Flashing. Optional equipment includes the CANdi Module, MDI Bundle with TiS and the SPS Subscription. Part numbers include the OTC-3646, OTC-3628, OTC-3846, OTC3646, OTC3628, OTC-3846, F00E9009777HH Coupons on

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